Les Luxes Corporate is a collection of exclusively tailored Spa and Event services that help you provide unique and distinctive experiences in your company. We are proud to work with a number of exceptional companies and organisations to bring you the best of the best.

Event Management

With a wide variety of event management services at your disposal, we can accommodate all your needs and develop a truly memorable occasion that directly reflects the culture of your business, but adds that added refreshing sparkle to any occasion.

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Spa Services

Les Luxes Corporate offers an innovative way to celebrate, inspire, motivate or reward your employees by offering a selection of tailored spa services, specifically designed to adapt to any situation.

Take a look at the different spa solutions we offer such as the perfect Pitstop Pampering , Sip Spa Mingle and the option to create bespoke spa services that inspires your team.

Brand new for 2011!

Spa Lifestyle is now available for Corporate clients, through the Platinum Plus membership package. Perfect for employee wellness schemes, corporate incentives & client thank you’s.

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