Welcome to Spa by Les Luxes

Spa by Les Luxes specialises in the creation of personalised pop-up spa experiences, wherever and whenever you need us. At the office, in the comfort of your own home, or as part of a special event,
Les Luxes brings pampering to your doorstep.

About our services

We offer two distinct services:

Spa Parties & Events We offer private and corporate clients an innovative way of celebrating, whether it’s an intimate birthday celebration or a large scale event. Choose from one of our exciting spa packages, including the unique Spa Flight Experience, or take advantage of our personal event planning service to create a spa party like no other!

Spa Lifestyle We provide on-location luxury spa services for clients who are looking for the ultimate private spa experience. Spa Lifestyle is available either as a one-off booking, or as part of the Spa by Les Luxes membership scheme.